Design Portfolio

The Horn’s made a recent change in their entire look after having a customized site for some years with us. As with all our graphics endeavors we listen carefully to what our client is looking for and giving them as many as three revisions to get it just right. Map driven search was important for their prospective clients that visit.   With Maggie’s team she wanted to take advantage of their professionally done logo and build a special splash page around the look and feel. As with all customizing we do for our clients she was able get an exclusive one off look that exudes an expertise that her team provides.


This site is an example of considerable interaction with our new Brokerage Client. Our Graphics department developed a seamless look, with connectivity to their other offices, and individual customizable agent’s sites. The emphasis was on providing them with another exclusive look.   Bobby Hill Realty is an example of a personalized Agent website that puts the focus on family and Bobby’s performance. They utilize linked sites and social networking to provide an informative one stop shop solution.


With Frank’s website our focus was on developing a professional logo and then incorporating it into one of our over 120 layout designs. We delivered a Logo that could also be used with yard signs, business cards, and other collateral where a quality image was necessary. The best part of our Logo Customization package was the price.   PRP4You is an example of a Small Office solution. We developed this site with ease of use in mind. We also took their existing marketing (logo, brochures, color schemes, etc) and built a website to perfectly match what they had already branded themselves with. The Agents each have a full functioning site as well that allows them the flexibility of having their own domain and search engine optimizing tools included.


When Renee and Diana from California came to us they already saw a design they wanted but it needed to provide the personalization and slideshow they felt were necessary for their specific market. Their focus was on providing a luxury market look with simple and easy functionality. We were especially gratified that they chose us over many larger web site competitors all around CA.   Customizing can be very inexpensive in this example of Melanie’s site. Through her own creativity and a tiny bit of help from us she took the tools provided in her control panel and produced a colorful and professional site that creates just the right flavor for her market.

We understand that customizing a professional website from the ground up is critical to the message you want to deliver. No two sites are ever alike as evidenced by some of our examples. Our graphic artists will listen to your ideas, advise and create a sample. You then have the opportunity to advise on changes. We take pride in crafting these special sites for Offices, multiple Offices or multi-state franchise offices. We won't be satisfied until you are.

Do you like our different layout choices, but want something that looks a little more like you? Then you’re going to love this customization package! We take the existing layout, and put your unique branding all throughout your website, making it look like the whole thing was custom designed for you. Are you ready to stand out from your competition, then this is the place to start.

Perfectly happy with the layout that we have and want something that will really give it that special something? Let us take the preexisting banner and make it even better by taking you and/or your company’s info and giving it a professional look. This simple and beautiful solution will go a long way in making sure that you have the ideal look for yourself or your company.