Website Features

Project A Professional Image

There are too many cookie cutter websites in the real estate industry!

With Close Realty’s suite of designs, we make it easy to have a stunning website that will deliver the perfect image for you or your company. Choose from over 100 layouts, or you can even have us step in and customize as little or as much of your layout as you’d like.

We have a wide variety of layouts that you can pick from. And picking is easy, with the ease of one click you can re-brand your company’s image. We offer tools to hide parts of the website that you don’t want to show, build your own slideshows, and all of this to make you stand out from your competition and keep prospective clients coming back to your website.

Custom Designs:
Looking for something a look and feel specifically geared around you? We can help. We have graphic artists who will work with you as much or as little as you need! Need a custom banner? We do that. Want a customized entry page that will emphasize your logo styles and colors? We can definitely help. With our custom design services, there is no limitation.

Help Prospects Find You

Competing with hundreds of other real estate agents in one market can be quite a daunting task. Ever wonder how many times you’re simply being missed? With close realty’s two-fold marketing approach you can help your clients hit the target every time.

Property Broadcasting
Every night we’ll broadcast every listing that you’ve uploaded to your website to 15 different real estate portals. This means that almost everywhere your clients search for real estate, you’re there.

Search Engine Optimization
Almost every home search starts online at a search engine. We give you all the tools, plus provide step by step consultation to get good page ranking, so you’re never missed again!

Complete MLS IDX Integration

Turn your website into a comprehensive search for every property in your area. At Close Realty we feature full MLS Integration for your website. Every night we do the work of going to your local MLS?website and updating all of the information so you can always offer your clients the freshest searches available. We give you tools for your clients as well. They can create an account that will allow them to save searches and have them emailed to them, to request more information about certain properties, or just to be included in weekly updates. We’ve done the work, you enjoy the results!

A website that's more Social

Social Networking and Blogs are literally all the rage today. They provide you with the connectivity needed to continue to drive your website in Search Engine Rankings. We provide an easy interface for you to link to your favorite Social Sites as well as an internal ‘user friendly?Blog to drive clients to your website.

Remarkable Results Aren’t Complicated

Have we mentioned that our websites are easy to use? We’re not sure when powerful started meaning complicated, but apparently someone forgot to give us the memo. All of our websites are built with an easy-to-use control panel that has your sanity in mind. You will find flexibility in all of our features. With the click of a button you can upload new listing, hide or add features, add a new page, change status on listings. With this kind of power at your finger tips, this can only mean one thing. More client time selling and less time managing your website.

Stay In The Know

Would you buy a car that doesn’t have a gas gauge and speedometer? Then why would you buy a website that doesn’t give you the statistics that you need to make sure that things are working the right way and the tools to help you manage your leads? Our total solution offers many tools to help you keep things in tune and running. Statistics Panel - Get visual charts of your success. Everything you need to know about the people who visit your site and what they did while they were there. Client Management - We provide a easy way of allowing you to see every lead that comes into your site. You can also add in clients you come across the old fashioned way. Drip Email - Gives you a way to update your clients, automatically with almost no work from you. Sign them up and you’re done! Seller’s Log-In - Sends your seller’s weekly reports on their listings. This shows you’re on top of things.

Professional Support Staff

At Close Realty "easy" is our middle name. Okay, not really! (Can you imagine all the jokes the other companies would make about us! However it is a principle for everything that we do. Even though our sites are simple to manage and hassle free we are always here to help you get the most out of your site! When you sign-up with us, part of your service is consultation on your website to make sure it’s effectively accomplishing your goals. In fact, we’ll call you once a quarter just to make sure that things are going well. Consider this a website buddy system. We don’t think that you should ever do websites alone.

Included Features

Domain name purchase and registration

UNLIMITED pages, framing, links

Resources page for training, forms, agreements etc.

Thorough SEO consultation to get good page ranking.

Upload featured properties in seconds, unlimited!

Text and E-mail alerts to notify you instantly

Client management tools with auto responders

Google Earth Satellite imaging and maps

Newsletter system

Password protected pages

File storage to upload files: photos, PDFs, Powerpoints

Integrated BLOG for optimizing

Personlized email address for professional image

Complete on line video tutorials on YouTube

Full featured agent websites (for offices)

Round robin lead assignment to agents (for offices)